Thursday, August 2, 2012

its been a year

It has been over a year since my blog has let me update. I have never figured out the problem. I asked multiple people and all that jazz and no one every had any idea. I guess with the new layout blogger has, it now likes me. A lot has happened in a year but i will not add all the lost year but i will start with my kids!

1 month

2 month

3 month

4 month

5 month

6 month

7 month

8 month

9 month

10 month

11 month

i love my cookie cutter kids!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Gary took this picture of Peanut. I think that she looks like an angel. Check out those eyes!

To Fast

Eli was 7 lbs 5 oz at birth... brought him home at 6lbs 12oz and at 2 weeks he was 7lbs 13oz.. his new nickname is Tank. Peanut is still tiny and sweet, Ian is a great big brother... they are growing like weeds.


We blessed Eli on the 4th and it was amazing. Brian gave a beautiful blessing. There were lots of family me,bers there to support us. I was the cheesy mom and we all matched. Brian and Ian had matching ties, Eli bow tie, i found a really cute long shirt at Old Navy for $2.00 for Peanut and sewed a matching ruffle on the bottom, and Peanut and i had super cute matching necklaces with the last of the fabric. We were so CUTE!!

toothless again

Tooth nuber 3. The tooth fairy is getting poor and he is only 5. 3 more are loose!

fathers and sons

Brian and Ian went to fathers and sons... These were the only pictures my sweet hubby took!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eli Leslie Tyler

Eli Leslie Tyler

7lbs 5oz

19.5 inches

9:17 am

Surgury went great - baby boy was not ready to come out! It took the Doctor Switzer 15 minutes to get him turned so they could cut and then 20 minutes to get him out. He was holding on to ever organ he could find! Ironwood hospital was great - it was very mommy and baby. I got to see his first bath and he was with me the whole time. He is a very very sweet boy.